RYMAC Restorations, Inc. Alloy Chart

RYMAC Restorations uses alloys from companies that have proven track records for providing value, selection, and performance. With trusted brands including Ney, Dentsply, Argen, and Straumann. We have tiered cost options to match all case requirements and budgets. A free value added service to our clients is a Dental Restoration Disclosure Form which includes Identalloy certificates for accurate documentation.

Porcelain Alloys

Alloy Manufacturer Properties    
Pors-on Lite Dentsply 61.4Pd 26Ag White Noble  
SMG-CF Dentsply 67Au 22Pd 4.9Ag White High Noble  
Bioclus 4 Dentsply 85.8Au 11Pt Yellow High Noble  
Duceranium U Dentsply 59Ni 21.5Cr 5W 4.5Mo 3.5Fe Base Metal  
CoCr Dentsply 55.2Co 18.4Cr 18.4W 6Fe 2Al Cobalt-Chromium  

Full Cast Alloys

Alloy Manufacturer    Properties  
Ney-Oro 60 Dentsply 56Au 4Pd 19.9ag 17Cu Type IV Yellow
Miracast Dentsply 41Au 1Pt 4Pd 9Ag 38Cu Type III Yellow
Argenco Y+ Argen 2Au 34.9Pd 30Ag 30In 3Zn Type III yellow