3M ESPE (making better impressions) Trouble shooting guide pdf


Even the most experienced practitioner, using the best materials, can encounter difficulties when making an impression. This guide from 3M ESPE is designed to help improve technique, solve problems and help our clients make more informed decisions.




All Ceramic Prep Guide pdf





Lava Ultimate Prep Guide pdf

Reduction Coping Instructions:

  1. Remove temporary crown and clean temporary cement from preparation
  2. Fit metal reduction coping on preparation
  3. Reduce tooth structure that is visible
  4. Remove metal coping
  5. Cement restoration
  6. Return metal coping to RYMAC Restorations for full credit of alloy fee

Crown Under Partial Duplication

This technique was developed for patients who don't want to be without their partial denture while their crown is being fabricated. Success of this technique can be achieved by following these steps closely.

  1. Prepare the tooth for a crown and take a full arch impression
  2. While holding the partial securely in place, inject impression material over the prep until it touches the prep side of the clasp(s) and rest(s)
  3. Remove index from partial carefully
  4. Place index in RYMAC crown box and include with impression

If you would rather RYMAC Restorations duplicate the patients partial, follow these steps

  1. Prepare tooth for crown
  2. Take impression with partial in place
  3. Send case or schedule for a pick-up

When the case is received at RYMAC we will deliver or send the partial back to your office the next business day.

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